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  • From The Heart

    For me, cooking started as a necessity in 1986. Having left home to continue my studies, I found the food at university terribly bland and restaurants were not in the budget. Being busy during the day left me with no options, but at night I started reminiscing and experimenting over the dishes that my mother used to make. Being your typical engineer I did a lot of research into cooking, bought a lot…
    $24.99CAD 23 January 2014 03:21 PM 0 5006 0.0
  • Weeding Out The Wankers

    As one of the global telecommunications industry's most colorful and respected executives, Ibrahim Gedeon has carved out an international career by combining insight and skill as an applied scientist with a lighthearted and throughly non-conventional approach to leadership. As Chief Technology Officer for Telus, a leading national telecommunications company in Canada, his energy and engaging manner…
    $29.99CAD 23 January 2014 02:29 PM 0 6977 4.7

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